01. The [acoustics] in the new concert hall are wonderful; you can hear every note played by every instrument in the orchestra.
02. Chris plays the [acoustic] guitar in the band.
03. The new concert hall is [acoustically] far superior to the old one.
04. The concert wasn't very good because the [acoustics] in the gymnasium were terrible.
05. On their new album, the band has changed from an [acoustic] folk sound, to a more contemporary electric style.
06. He has recorded an [acoustic] album of some of his greatest hits.
07. The [acoustics] in the lecture hall were poor and we couldn't hear what the professor was saying.
08. The [acoustics] are so good in the ancient Roman amphitheater that you can hear a coin drop from the farthest row.
09. In 1965, Bob Dylan revolutionized pop music when his [acoustic] band went electric at the Newport Music Festival.
10. The Greek theater at Epidauros is famous for its [acoustics], which are based on scientific knowledge of how sound travels.
11. The visual and [acoustic] qualities of a DVD home family entertainment system are vastly superior to the traditional television set.
12. During the rock concert, the lead singer came out and did a short [acoustic] set of some of his love ballads.
13. We couldn't hear the lecturer very well because the [acoustics] in the hall were so poor.
14. Kenneth Miller once stated, "No other [acoustic] instrument can match the piano's expressive range, and no electric instrument can match its mystery."

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